Top level API#

calculate_tonyears(method, baseline, ...)

This function calculates the benefit of a delayed emission according one of two ton-year accounting methods.

get_baseline_curve(curve_name[, t_horizon])

Build the baseline curve


Print the benefit report

GHG Forcing#

joos_2013(t_horizon, **kwargs)

Returns the IRF for CO2 using parameter values from IPCC AR5/Joos et al (2013) Keyword arguments are parameter values.

joos_2013_monte_carlo([runs, t_horizon])

Runs a monte carlo simulation for the Joos_2013 baseline IRF curve.

Internal API#

core.get_discounted_curve(discount_rate, curve)

Get discounted curve

core.write_json(collection, output)

helper function to write collection to a local json file